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Studet Post Secondary Institution (PSI) Selections - July 10 & Student Transcript Service info

June 23, 2020

Student Post-Secondary Institution (PSI) Selections – July 10


To support their PSI admissions, Grade 12 and adult students are encouraged to visit the StudentTranscripts Service before July 10, 2020 to authorize release of their transcript data to their PSI selections. The Ministry of Education distributes transcript information to post-secondary institutions (PSIs) following the student's selections on that website.

For Students: StudentTranscripts Service


Students can access the StudentTranscripts Service at: To get started, they must first create a Basic BCeID account to access their transcript information.


Help videos, including "Registering for a BCeID and Accessing the StudentTranscripts Service" and "How to order/send a transcript to a Post–Secondary Institution," are available on the website along with other help documentation.


Students need only complete their PSI selections once in the current school year but may add to their selections at any time up to July 10, 2020. Students may make up to 25 selections free of charge within six months after completing their last course. After six months, students will be charged $10 per transcript on the StudentTranscripts Service.


Distribution of Transcripts

PSIs receive student transcripts through a variety of methods including XML data transfer, electronic batch files, printed transcripts by mail and more. PSIs with the new XML data transfer capability* receive transcript information throughout the year. For PSIs on the electronic batch process, interim transcript information was sent by the Ministry in early May, and final year-end transcript information will be distributed in late July. Unless the student needs to send their printed transcript now, the student should leave the default option to allow the PSI to accept transcript information as it becomes available.


Batch Process Transcript Information


PSI Selection Deadline - Final Transcript Information: July 10, 2020

  • Available for students selecting participating B.C. PSIs, University of Alberta, University of Calgary and the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC)
  • Provided the student selects either "Send Interim and Final Marks when they become available" or "Send Final Marks when they become available" before this date, the student's final transcript information will be included when the Ministry sends final transcript information to all students' selected PSIs in late July


Additional Notices for Students


  • IMPORTANT: Canada Post has posted a notice of potential delivery delays to USA and temporary suspension of international service to some countries due to COVID-19. Students who need to deliver a transcript to a post-secondary institution in a country listed for suspension of international mail service are encouraged to contact that institution to find an acceptable delivery method
  • For PSIs that only accept printed transcripts by mail, the default selection is "Send Final Marks when they become available"
  • Under the heading "Send your transcript to an employer(s), yourself or anyone," graduating students can also order their own free printed transcript (by mail) as soon as their transcript shows a graduation date at the bottom of the page, or can send an electronic copy via PDF download to anyone they choose 
  • Students having difficulty accessing StudentTranscripts Service must use their legal name as it appears on their Unofficial Transcript of Grades. Students may contact their school if corrections to legal name or birthdate are needed or if course information is missing or inaccurate on the transcript