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Youth Work in Trades

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Youth Work in Trades Coordinator:

Work Experience/Youth Work in Trades Coordinator:
Carolyn Chezzi​


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Youth Work in Trades Application Form:​​


​BCSSA Site Ready Online Construction Safety Orientation -  This orientation is free!! Please view the info sheet below for more information.

Drop off the form below to Mrs. Chezzi in the counseling office.....please be sure to include your email address for registration!

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Are you a Hidden Apprentice?

Do you qualify to………


If you are a secondary school student working in a trade area, (there are 110 recognized trades) you may already be eligible to become a secondary school apprentice or you may be interested in getting started.

Youth Work in Trades involves part-time work within a trade – something you may already be doing on weekends and school holidays. The program provides a smooth transition from school to work, and a quicker route to certification in a trade – and to the earning power that goes with it. You can begin your apprenticeship as early as Grade 10.

  • By registering in a Youth Work in Trades program, you will be able to receive ‘Dual Credit’ for the work you are already doing and get a head start on earning your trade certification; you also may be eligible for a $1000 cash Scholarship. “Dual Credit” means simultaneously receiving both secondary school credits (up to four courses; 16 elective credits) required for graduation and credit toward completion of an apprenticeship. As an added bonus, secondary school apprentices may qualify for a $1000 cash scholarship.

  • By participating in the program, you will be ahead of your peers in a career in the trades, possibly graduate early and become $1000 richer (If you grad with C+ average or higher).

  • You could also pursue Level 1 Trades Training (with Free Tuition) at Riverside College.

  • In the labor market, there is a skilled trades shortage. Employers need young people with the right skills, right now! There’s never been a better time to explore a career in the skilled trades and technology sectors. There are over 110 trades recognized in BC.

If you are a secondary school student, or an employer willing to hire a student, and want to find out more about the Youth Work in Trades Program,contact Mrs. Chezzi, Work Experience/Youth Work in Trades Program Coordinator at Mission Secondary & Riverside College, Mission Public Schools (604-826-7191 Local 1132) or email Carolyn Chezzi​.

For more information:​

Youth Work in Trades Application Form:​

​Youth Work in Trades

Youth Work in Trades is the work-based training component of an Industry Training Program. Students can start the Youth Work in Trades program in grade 10.

Get a head start on the work-based training for an apprenticeship program while you’re still in high school. You’ll “earn while you learn” and graduate from the program with 16 high-school graduation credits and 480 work-based training hours that count towards your trade credential.

You may be eligible for a $100 cash scholarship if you:

  • Are registered with ITA as a youth apprentice.

  • Have a Grade 12 Dogwood Diploma or Adult Dogwood Diploma.

  • Have successfully completed WRK 11A, 11B, 12A and 12B.

  • Maintained a C+ average or better in your Grade 12 courses.

  • Reported 900+ hours to ITA within six months of graduating.