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Career Centre



​Student Service Support Advisors

Career Advisor:
Christina Coulson​

Work Experience/Youth Work in Trades Coordinator:
Carolyn Chezzi​

Capstone/Scholarship Coordinator:
Nicole Foster

​​Career Advisor

Mrs.Coulson, the Career Advisor, is available to assist  students and parents with student career and employment related needs in person. She can assist students with all career development phases from students not knowing what they will do after high school to active job search, interview assistance and providing information about Youth and Student Employment training programs.  

If you need any support with the following, please reach out and schedule an appointment.

  • Career Planning
  • Course Planning
  • Career discovery
  • Job Search
  • Resume/Cover Letter/Mock interviews
  • Assistance with myBluePrint
  • University/College assistance
Visit the MSS Careers Instagram ​page here: MSS Career Centre Instagram Page​

​​Career Centre Information - Upcoming Events

POD Cast: Youth Employment and Skills Training for an Inclusive Recovery
Canada is facing wide-reaching demographic and technological changes that pose increasingly significant challenges to the world of work. The Future Skills Centre Podcast, presented by FSC and the Conference Board of Canada, explores these crucial emerging challenges to the future of work. "We are in the same storm, but not in the same boat. We know that COVID-19 has had disproportionate economic impacts on certain groups, including women, youth, Indigenous peoples, and newcomers to Canada. We are experiencing an undesirable “K-shaped recovery" where certain individuals and sectors recover more quickly than others."​
Episode 1: Youth Employment and Skills Training for an Inclusive Recovery
Click to view Podcast.
The Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE) and CIBC are challenging Canada's youth to apply their creativity and skills to create new tools and resources to help other young Canadians improve their financial knowledge for a chance to give high school-aged
youth (14-18) the opportunity to win $10,000*!

This could be a video, a podcast, animation, a song, a piece of art, a poem, a tick tok, a website, a video game or whatever else you want to explore. CLICK to Learn More!

Registration for the 2021-2022 Challenge is now open. Teachers and Youth can register using the links on this site.

CIBC is excited to offer virtual financial education webinars to all those interested. If you'd like to have a CIBC Ambassador deliver a webinar to your class, please indicate Yes to question 4 on the registration form.

The submission deadline is May 2, 2022 – put it in your calendar and don't miss it!

What can you win?!

1st Prize: $10,000 towards future education or training – either to winning individual or shared equally among team members
2nd Prize: $5,000 towards future education or training – either to 2nd place individual or shared equally among team members
3rd Prize: $2,500 towards future education or training – either to 3rd place individual or shared equally among team members

All regional winners will get to present their ideas in a National Showcase to a panel of judges – for a shot at the big bucks. The panel includes senior officials from government, education, and business, as well as representatives from youth groups, and the NGO community!

Contact Jessi Zielke at

Are you interested in attending university outside of BC? 

Check out the following info sessions to learn more about these amazing Canadian schools!

Canadian Post-Secondary Schools outside of BC

University of Alberta Info Sessions:[Prospective%20Students]
University of Calgary Future Student Workshops:
SAIT Future Student Info Page:
U of Saskatchewan Application Workshop:
U of Manitoba:
U of Winnipeg virtual tours and info sessions
Queens University:
Ryerson Virtual Open House:
University of Toronto virtual campus tours
Laurier- Campus Tour
McMaster Faculty Showcases:
Waterloo Events:
Waterloo Virtual Tour:
McGill Future Student Events:
New Brunswick
U of New Brunswick Future Student Events:
Nova Scotia
Dalhousie “Ask Me Anything":
Saint Francis Xavier Recruitment Information:
Acadia University Future Student Events:
Prince Edward Island
U of PEI Viewbook:
Yukon University Academic Planning:

If there is a Canadian University not listed above that you would like to learn more about, please email Mrs Coulson at

MyBluePrint Education Planner

MyBluePrint Education Planner is now Mission Secondary School's replacement for Career Cruising. Grade 12 students will want to know about this - it works you through Graduation Transitions starting with a Who am I segment and self assessment tools that help identify your personality traits and learning styles. MyBluePrint also provides:

  • A search tool for post secondary institute (PSI) training information across Canada or your specific search criteria

  • Sections for creating various portfolios and setting SMART goals

  • A search tool for comparing up to 3 post secondary institute programs at one time!

  • Data base for exploring Occupations and Apprenticeships

  • High School course selection tool that links to PSI interests and lets you know when you meet the entry requirements for programs of interest to you

  • Resume and Cover Letter assistance

  • Financial Learning tools for income expenses, credit and debt and how to create a budget

All students are invited to make an appointment any time by emailing (Career Advisor) with a subject line "Appointment Request".

For more information:



SHAD is a unique pre-university experience where participants can explore campus life, including living in residence. Students will enjoy the best of university life, from the community of a dorm, to the excitement of experiencing real-life labs and equipment, mentored by top researchers. Each of SHAD's host universities provides an immersion in STEAM disciplines (science, technology, engineering, arts and math, in an integrated, multi-disciplinary format). Each year, SHAD provides the opportunity for 800 students from across Canada and internationally to attend a month-long summer program, in-residence at one of our Canadian host universities, focused on STEAM (science, technology, egineering, arts & math).

Contact SHAD for more information at or Mrs. Coulson in the Career Centre.


House of Commons Page Program

Pages work in the House of Commons Chamber under the direction of a group of supervisors and a coordinator. They provide various services to Members of Parliament, the Speaker and Chair Occupants, and Table Officers. For example, Pages collect and distribute official documents, deliver messages to Members, serve as a link between Members and their Hill offices, answer telephone calls, and make photocopies. On occasion, Pages also meet with youth groups to speak about their duties and their experience on parliament Hill. Student Recruitment: October to December.


Work Experience and Volunteer Information

Work Experience/Youth Work in Trades Coordinator:
Carolyn Chezzi​

Students gain valuable experience, contacts and networks through work experience and community service hours. Many post secondary scholarships and bursaries place an emphasis on these program activities as well.

Work Experience + Community Service Hours = Increased Scholarship Application Opportunities.

Work Experience may also be considered for graduation credits. Students interested in Work Experience should make an appointment with Mrs. Chezzi, the Work Experience/Youth Work in Trades Coordinator.