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June 12, 2020

Each year students must reflect upon the three main elements of Core Competencies: Communication, Thinking and Personal and Social Competencies. During in session teaching as well as remote learning, students have had a chance to engage with these core competencies in many ways from assignments teachers have given them, to activities they complete in their daily life.


This year, students are expected to reflect back on what has worked well for each student as well as a chance to make a plan for further growth. This is a mandatory requirement for all students (Grades 10-12) and must be completed by Monday, June 22, 2020. Please go to the following link in order to complete this reflection:


Communication -The Communication competency encompasses the knowledge, skills, processes and dispositions we associate with interactions with others. Through their communication, students acquire, develop and transform ideas and information, and make connections with others to share their ideas, express their individuality, further their learning, and get things done. The communication competency is fundamental to finding satisfaction, purpose and joy. 


Thinking - The Thinking competency encompasses the knowledge, skills and processes we associate with intellectual development. It is through their competency as thinkers that students take subject-specific concepts and content and transform them into a new understanding. Thinking competence includes specific thinking skills as well as habits of mind, and metacognitive awareness. These are used to process information from a variety of sources, including thoughts and feelings that arise from the subconscious and unconscious mind and from embodied cognition, to create new understandings.


Personal and Social - The Personal and Social competency is the set of abilities that relate to students' identity in the world, both as individuals and as members of their community and society. Personal and social competency encompasses what students need to thrive as individuals, to understand and care about themselves and others, and to find and achieve their purposes in the world.