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Ecole Mission Secondary
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Grad Transitions 12



In In order to complete your Grad Transitions 12 Portfolio please do the following:

  1. Obtain your Grad Transitions Packages for 2018/2019 from your homeroom teacher in the first week of school. The document may also be downloaded and printed:  MASTERCOPY-GraduationTransitions_2018-2019 Final.docx
  2. Watch the brief instructional video on YouTube –
  3. Seek any help necessary from your designated instructor (indicated on your timetable - J. Dhaliwal or D. Purser) during their office hours.
  4. ENSURE ALL REQUIREMENTS HAVE BEEN THOROUGHLY COMPLETED (checklist is included in the package).
  5. Submit completed package to designated instructor by the deadline: FRIDAY NOVEMBER _______, 2019.

USEFUL RESOURCES : A comprehensive education and career/life planning program with the tools students need to make the most informed decisions with ability to compare three (3) post secondary institute entry requirements, search post secondary education across Canada, search for employement, write cover letters and resumes and more .

Grad Planner 2017/18

You're about to start a new chapter in your education - and you have an oportunity to shape your future. You're going to make a lot of choices over your graduation program years. For the most part, you'll get to choose courses that interest you. You'll have choices about where and how you learn. The Choices you make will help you realize your potential. The Grad Planner provides an opportunity for you to discover what you want to do in the future. This document helps you get started. It explains what's required and where you have choices. It also covers exams, scholarships, funding, and links to web sites with helpful information.