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Special Education

The Special Education Department at Mission Secondary School provides an excellent service to students who require extra consideration. We provide that service in a variety of formats designed to meet students’ various needs. At present, the department provides a variety of services designed to best help all our students achieve their personal best and experience continuous success throughout their high school years. These services include the following.

The Adapted Program

Students in the Adapted Program, are those who have been identified as having a Learning Disability or Severe Learning Disability. They may also be those who have a physical disability such as Hearing or Vision Impairment. The adaptations they receive are in accordance with their Ministry of Education Designation, and the recommendations of the Mission School District Educational Psychologist’s report. These students are all on the Dogwood Certificate track.

The Adapted Program functions in three (3) ways.

  1. The student(s) may be in a regular classroom but receiving adaptations or compensatory strategies as prescribed in their I.E.P.
  2. Adapted classes offer full credit for grade-level, core academic courses. They cover the expected curriculum and learning outcomes but within a smaller class setting, using alternate texts, and more teacher led activities. There is also an individual skill development component in these courses. The individual compensatory strategies are also always available.
  3. Functional Placement Students who have been identified, at a School Based Team meeting, as having academic difficulties.

The Modified Program

These courses are designed to provide the student with the life skills needed for them to obtain a job, organize their personal finances etc, and are successful, contributing members of their community. These students enrolled will receive a British Columbia School Completion Certificate – BCSCC, not a Dogwood Certificate.

These students are also enrolled in elective courses of their choice such as – woodwork, metalwork, automotive, art, photography, foods, and cafeteria. The students are accompanied to these courses by an Educational Assistant whenever necessary. Many of these students excel in the Fine Arts or Applied Skills courses.

The Learning Center is designed to assist designated students who are enrolled in regular academic courses. Opportunities are provided for students to expand their personal skills in such areas as reading comprehension, spelling, research and word processing.

In the learning center they also, receive assistance with their course work, extra time to complete their course, one on one tutoring through particularly difficult concepts.

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