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This course has been developed and designed to teach students skills in leadership and interpersonal relations. It gives them the opportunity to help other students in a safe and familiar environment. Students will be involved in a mentoring role under the guidance of a teacher. They will learn about a variety of learning issues and how they can help students in the learning mode. Peer tutors will come to recognize their importance as a leader, role model, and helper. They will be exposed to a variety of situations that include tutoring and mentoring students who are having difficulties in the classroom. The approach to this course is one that encourages observation, interpretation, questioning, presentation, initiative and most importantly - involvement.

UNITS of INSTRUCTION: Introduction to the Course, Understanding a Peer Tutor Code of Ethics, Understanding Learning Styles, Taking the Initiative, Handling Conflict and Behaviour issues, The role of the peer tutor, practicing tutoring skills, Journal Writing, Discussion Scenarios

EVALUATION: Required Course Training, Journal entries and Classroom Placement Performance.

PREREQUISITE: Registered in grade 11 or 12.

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