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This course is designed to introduce students to the basic skills necessary to establish and maintain successful helping relationships with peers. Skills learnt will also promote and support successful relationships with family members and other members of society. Students will develop skills in the areas of interpersonal communication, empathic listening, questioning techniques, ethics, referrals, decision-making and problem solving, peer mediation, mentoring, suicide prevention awareness, assertiveness training, anger management, lesson plan development and self-assessment.

UNITS of INSTRUCTION: Orientation to Peer Counseling, Interpersonal Communication, Listening, Feedback, Role of Questioning, Decision Making and Problem Solving, Ethics and Referral, Practicum Placement, Suicide Prevention, Conflict Resolution, Mentoring. Assertiveness Training, Anger Management, Social and Health Issues Affecting Youth, Lesson Plan Development, Self Assessment.

EVALUATION COMPONENTS: Weekly Journal, Assignments re: Content Classes, Self-Evaluation, School Project, Class Participation, Mediation management, Elementary Placement evaluation.

PREREQUISITE: Successful referral and interview process and MSS Staff recommendation.

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