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......Encouraging, Recognizing and Rewarding Excellence

For Grade 12 students who are graduating, several awards are available for students who excel academically and who are involved in their school and community. A scholarship handbook, “Funding Opportunities for Post Secondary Education”, lists all scholarships and bursaries available for students planning on pursuing post-secondary studies. Application forms for these awards are available in the Counselling/Career Centre. Students are expected to contact the Career Advisor or their counsellor early in the year about their specific needs. A scholarship workshop will be held for parents and students early in the fall to assist with information and questions.


The Grade twelve Government Scholarship Program is composed of two parts:

  1. Provincial Scholarships and District Scholarships
  2. Provincial Scholarships acknowledge excellence in achievement on the provincial examinations. The scholarships are for $1000 each for students scoring at least 86% AVG. for their top 3 provincial exams, (or "standing" in their AP courses). Provincial scholarships are to be used for the express purpose of furthering the student’s future education. The twenty highest ranking students in the province will receive $2000 scholarships.

Examination papers must be written in:

- English 12 or Français langue 12 and

- at least two of: Literature 12, Geography 12, History 12, Math 12, Biology 12, Chemistry 12, Physics 12, French 12, German 12, Latin 12, Spanish 12 and Geology 12. or AP 12 exams.


Acknowledge excellence in Fine Art or Applied Skill fields for students going into the Fitness or Language field of study. The District Scholarships are in the amount of $1000 each. Candidates for District Awards must:

(District Scholarship Nominations occur in or before January of your graduating year. You must be nominated by your Fine Arts or Applied Skills teacher, and Major Project Presentations occur in April or May of your graduating year. See Mrs. Francis for details prior to the end of January if you are interested.)


Most post-secondary institutions offer a series of Entrance Scholarships to those students who achieve at least an “A” average in provincially examinable courses. These range from $2000 to several thousand dollars and are substantial awards. Applications are made in late spring and usually require letters of reference and a personal goal statement. Students are urged to research information in the counselling area and to contact the institution of choice. **Mrs. Janzen, the Career Advisor, has institution-specific books on Scholarships. (ie) If you are certain you will attend UBC (for example) see Mrs. Janzen.***


These are offered to students who have been outstanding contributors to their school and community as well as having an excellent academic record. The Josten’s award and the Terry Fox Humanitarian award are two examples of these. Both are substantial monetary awards.


(Application forms available in November. Deadline is in February of your graduating year)

The Mission Foundation is a non-profit organization set up and administered by citizens in Mission. Each year the Mission Foundation awards several thousand dollars to high school graduates who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement, community and school involvement as well as, personal qualities.


Application forms for Scholarships/Bursaries are available from Mrs. Waterson in the counselling area

A number of community groups and businesses in Mission award scholarships to students who are going on to a post-secondary institution, and who can demonstrate a connection to that group or business.

****Please also regularly check the Scholarship information website at It is updated every few weeks with new scholarship opportunities that arrive throughout the school year from Oct. 1st to June 30th.


This is a joint program funded by the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia for students enrolled full-time in a post-secondary program of studies. Assistance, in the form of loans and grants, is based on assessed financial need. For more information and to apply for funding go to Information can also be obtained from the MSS Career Advisor.


Students who develop good work habits while in school are those most likely to succeed in the work force. Mission Secondary’s Effort Honour Roll, therefore, recognizes students who display exemplary work habits in their studies. All students who attain a minimum of eight “G’s” on Work Habits (with no “N’s”) during a reporting period are awarded effort honour roll status. Our hope is to extend the recognition field trip to students who achieve Effort Honour Roll status all year.


The Passport to Education Program recognizes and rewards student achievement in Grades 10 to 12 in a broad range of academic and non-academic areas according to Ministry of Education guidelines. The program is designed to motivate all students to study consistently in the years leading to graduation, and to encourage secondary students to pursue post-secondary or job-training education. Awards are intended to further students’ education and job training. The criteria for awarding at the grade 12 level will focus primarily, but not solely, on the student’s Graduation Portfolio.

Grade 10 - $250.00, Grade 11 - $250.00, Grade 12 - $500.00 = $1000.00

Awards & Scholarships information is available from Mrs. Evans in Room 103.

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