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Advancement Via Individual Determination

Post-Secondary Preparation Program

What is A.V.I.D.?

AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. It is essentially, a learning to learn program that supports students in grades 9-12 in achieving success in rigorous high school courses and preparing for university and college. AVID is intended for “student in the academic middle”. AVID is a highly acclaimed learning program that was developed in San Diego over 20 years ago. AVID helps average students get accepted to and be successful in Post-Secondary Education.

Who should take AVID?

• Can succeed in rigorous courses with support

• Has desire and determination to be successful

• Achieves C to B average

• Has satisfactory attendance, work habits and behavior

• Has college/university aspirations

• Will enroll in the most challenging academic courses


AVID 9 students will develop skills in writing, reading, listening, speaking, questioning, discussing, studying and learning with others. AVID uses college and senior student tutors to support learning. It teaches about college/university opportunities, entrance requirements, application processes, and necessary skills and attitudes. Entry in to this course is subject to an application process and available space.

PREREQUISITE: C to B Average grades in grade 8 courses Individual determination.

PLANNING 10 (for AVID students only) and AVID 11

AVID 11 and Planning 10 will be delivered in a single linear 4-credit course time frame in grades 10 and 11. In AVID 10, students will take AVID 11A (2 credits) and PLANNING 10A . In AVID 11, students will take AVID 11B (2 credits) and PLANNING 10B .

At the end of grade 11, AVID students will receive

*4 credits for AVID 11
*4 credits for Planning 10

The AVID elective encompasses the key elements to promote academic success and ensure successful preparation for post-secondary opportunities. A typical week in the AVID elective is split into three main components – AVID curriculum content, AVID tutorials and AVID motivational activities. The curriculum component of the AVID elective focuses on:

*WICR strategies (Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration and Reading)
*Developing skills that support Academic Success

(eg. Organizational skills, Note-taking and Study skills, Test-taking skills, Collaborative learning and study skills, Communication and Presentation skills, Research skills)

*Acquiring information about post-secondary opportunities.

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