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Grad Requirements

The Graduation Program is designed to support all students in acquiring attributes by the time they complete Grade 12, in the areas of intellectual, human and social, and career development.


The Ministry of Education undertook a review of the BC Graduation Program in 2002.  The year-long review included consultations with thousands of parents, students, educators, community members and former students who had not completed high school.  It also included reviews of academic literature, position papers and graduation requirements in other jurisdictions.  As a result BC’s Graduation Program was implemented in 2004.


British Columbia’s Graduation Program 2004 includes Grades 10, 11 and 12.  Courses numbered 10, 11 and 12 earn credits toward graduation.


To graduate students must complete a minimum of 80 credits over the three-year grade 10-12 Graduation Program:

            •           48 required course credits

            •           28 or more elective credits, and

            •           4 credits from the Graduation Portfolio


48 required credits from....

English 10

“a” Mathematics 10

Social Studies 10

Science 10

Physical Ed. 10

Planning 10

Fine Arts and/or Applied Skills 10, 11, or 12

English 11 or Communications 11

“a” Social Studies 11(from a number of course choices)

“a” Mathematics 11 (from a number of course choices)

“a” Science 11 (from a number of course choices)

English 12 or Communications 12

plus.... 28 elective credits

plus......4 credits from the Graduation Portfolio 12

Total = 80 credits

This represents the minimum number of credits to

satisfy the graduation requirements.

Graduation Program Examinations

Students will be required to write Graduation exams as follows:

In grade 10 - English 10, Science 10, and one of: Math 10 Principles, Math 10 Applications, or  Math 10 Essentials,

In Grade 11 - Social Studies 11,  Civic Studies 11, or  First Nations Studies 12.

In Grade 12 - Language Arts 12 (English 12 or Communication 12).

One exam of English 12 or Communications 12 is mandatory.  All other Grade 12 exams are optional.  In other words, students can take a Grade 12 course that has a Graduation Program exam, and choose not to take the exam.  In that case, 100 per cent of the final mark will come from classroom work.  If one chooses to write an optional Grade 12 Graduation Program exam,  it will count for 40 per cent of the final mark for the course.  The classroom mark will then count for 60 per cent of the final mark.

Please note that some post-secondary institutions require Grade 12 Graduation Program exam scores for student application/entrance purposes.  Writing Grade 12 Graduation Examinations also means you could qualify to win Provincial scholarships.  Please consider these issues carefully and seek assistance from your counsellor or your Career Advisor.


(required for graduation courses are in bold)

Grade 8 Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
English 8 English 9 English 10 English or Comm 11 English or Comm 12
Socials 8 Socials 9 Socials 10 "a" Socials 11 Grade 12 Course #1
Math 8 Math 9 "a" Math 10 "a" Math 11 Grade 12 Course #2
Science 8 Science 9 Science 10 "a" Science 11 Grade 12 Course #3
PE 8 PE 9/CAPP 9 PE 10 Elective #1 Elective #1
Fine Arts 8 (w/ CAPP 8) Elective #1 Planning 10 Elective #2 Elective #2
French 8 Elective #2 Elective #1 Elective #3 Elective #3
Applied Skills 8 Elective #3 Elective #2 Elective #4 Elective #4

Note....  students must complete at least one 4 credit Fine Arts or Applied Skills 10, 11 or 12 course as part of the graduation requirement.  These qualifying courses are indicated throughout this booklet......and students must earn 4 credits for the completion of their Graduation Portfolio.


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